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Our First Family Holiday!

So X is now 14.5 months old and the longest we’ve been away from home in that time is 2 or 3 nights, and that’s staying with family. This time it’s a real holiday!!

Not only have we never had a trip with the little man, but we’ve never been on this type of holiday before – Centre Parcs.

We’ve got 4 nights booked in a Woodland Lodge at their Sherwood Forest resort, staying with Hubby’s sister, her partner and son, who is only a fortnight older than X. It’s only an hour and a half away from us,  but hopefully it’ll give us chance to wear the kids out with walks and bike rides, then we can all chill out while they’re zonked in their cots. I’m even loading up my increasingly outdated Kindle in the hope I’ll get a chance to read!

We’ve also invested in a LittleLife carrier. X did enjoy being in a wrap for a short while when he was younger, but he was always a wriggler so babywearing wasn’t the easiest – he was a pro at leg straightening and back arching so getting the wrap tight enough was a mission! He’s tried out the carrier a few times now and seems happy – although we’ve yet to take him out for a walk in it. Full review to follow!


The car is going to be fit to burst – I think I have overpacked (X’s bag literally contains most of his clothes.) but I guess it’s better to have stuff and not need it than the other way around.

I am very excited for this – despite the total stressball I’ve been (I may have snapped at a customer service person in the supermarket earlier… he didn’t *quite* deserve it…) it will be a lovely time I’m sure.

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